LAYO was born of a passion to explore and create.  A Pilot by day, a Craftsman by night, Lee focuses on crafting unique hardwood longboards for those who appreciate artistry and fine woodworking, but, at the end of the day, really want a sweet slab to cruise around on.   

Taking a board on the road when he flies gives Lee the opportunity to skate and explore on layovers.  LAYO is a commonly used abbreviation on pilot schedules.  If the Craftsman must be away from the shop, at least he can enjoy the ride. 

Much time is spent choosing the perfect pieces of hardwood for a board, arranging grains, arranging inline stringers, rearranging inline stringers, and vetting choices with the LAYO team (wife and toddler son). 

The design phase for each board is unique so no deck is the same.  After the perfect aesthetic is arranged, each board is assembled to maximize strength, quality, beauty and volume of dried glue on fingers.  

What's the vision here?  Option one: build a large shelter with all the boards Lee creates.  Option two: offer them to people like you who like what you see and recognize a sweet deck when you see one.  Ultimately, it would be 'pretty neat to be out riding and see someone cruising on one of my decks'.