Board Care

Caring for your LAYO longboard.

Wood is like a sponge. It will expand and contract based on the seasons and it will soak up the environment in which it is contained. Keep it out of the rain- if you get caught in the rain, or get it wet, no worries, just wipe it down when you get to your destination. Leaving it around in the rain or riding in wet conditions aren't good for the board.

We understand why you bought a LAYO board. They are unique, beautifully organic speedy slabs. You want to ride and display something unique and stylish. A small dent and or ding sucks, but it isn't the end of the world. With that being said, here's some suggestions to keep your board shiny.

If you lightly scratch the finish you should be able to buff it out. Try automobile scratch remover. Small dents and dings to the edges can be sanded out and refinished with wipe on, or spray polyurethane. Big dents, well, it depends. Send us a picture and we can recommend a course of action.

Big dents in the top or bottom veneer are fixable within reason. The veneers are around 1/10 of an inch, plenty of room for sanding and refinishing.

Cleaning the grip is easy. Just dampen a scrub brush and scrub the top.

If the grip starts to lose its grippyness you can buy silica sand, from the hardware store, and a can of spray on polyurethane. Clean the top the best you can, and make sure it's dry. Spray a light coat of polyurethane and then sprinkle the desired amount of silica sand on top, then follow up with another light coat.  Follow the instructions on the can and hit it with another spray or two based on the time listed.

If your board delaminates under normal circumstances, contact us.